Work Experience

2016 — present
Frontend developer
as a contractor for Roche, HPE, DXC and others

Designing, templating/coding templates and integrating apps, CRMs and websites

2014 — 2016
Frontend developer, Graphic designer
at Inovatica (full-time)

Designing from scratch, templating and integrating apps, CRMs and clients' websites.

2012 — 2014
Frontend developer
at Modasphere Ltd. (contract)

Designing from scratch, templating (HTML5/CSS3) and integrating Modasphere clients' websites. Furthermore, developing and optimizing CRM App.

2011 — 2012
JS developer
Ericpol Telecom (Erricsson) (full-time)

Maintaing and developing projects - both internal and external.

2010 — 2011
Frontend developer, Graphic designer
NetSharks (contract)

Designing, prototyping and integrating micropayment startup. Withal - maintaining company's internal projects.

2009 — 2010
Frontend developer
at Modasphere Ltd. (contract)

Designing, preparing templates (HTML5/CSS3) and integrating (with what?) Modasphere's clients' websites. Also, developing and optimizing Modasphere's CRM App.

2005 - 2007
Web Developer, Graphic designer
at (full-time)

Designing websites and print materials (i.e: ads, posters, business cards). Maintaining company's internal CRM and working directly with client's support.

Skills & Competences

Things i'm familiar with.


Vanilla JS, Angular/RxJS, Karma,
Jasmine, AngularJS 1.x, jQuery, NPM, Yarn.


SASS/LESS, OOCSS, Bootstrap, Foundation
or any other, Flex, Atomic Design, Mobile First, RWD, WAI etc.

Source control tools

Git, Mericurial, SVN

Project bundlers

Webpack 2/3.x, Webpack 1.x, Gulp, Grunt

Design & Prototyping

Adobe Photoshop, Axure


Bash, Vagrant, Lisp, R/ShinyJS, PHP (Wordpress),
Scrum, Agile, SOLID, KISS, DRY, SSOT


Polish (native), English (proficient), Ukrainian, Russian (basic)

Hobbies & Interests


I'm a creator and a curator of Private Museum of Computers and Consoles in Lodz. I am a active member and supporter of the retro-computer society and related organisations; often organise events, musters and demo parties with and for the community.


I have great sympathy to the work of Terry Pratchett, Isaac Asimov, Dale Carnegie, Steven Hawking and Guy Kawasaki.

Sports & Activities

Gym, Biking, Billiards

Plans for 2018

ReactJS, NodeJS.